The Most Useful Tool in Any Workshop

Multitool is the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective grinding solution for home and industrial uses. It's patented design is the result of years of research by engineers who have specialized in belt grinding machinery.

Grind - Sand - Shape - Sharpen - Clean - Condition - Buff - Polish and more with Multitool Belt & Disc Grinder

Teaching Old Grinders New Tricks for 30 Years

Grinding Solution for Home & Industrial Uses

Multitool was invented in Australia some 30 years ago and has been sold in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand but is fairly new to the USA

Multitool Brings Grinders into the 21st Century

Belt technology is by far superior to traditional stone wheels

5x faster ,cooler , much safer, and 100% more useful than a stock grinder

Check out our demo videos to see just how useful the Multitool is.